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Michael and Eileen Banasiak own and manage Liquid Capital Express; a second tier commercial trade financing company dedicated to helping businesses grow. We continuously exemplify this deep commitment to businesses by providing the financing, whether international or domestic, that they need, when they need it! And we work personally with each of our customers providing responsive, caring service!

Michael Banasiak

Owner and Managing Director

Michael offers more than 25 years experience in the information and financial services industries with expertise in statistical decision technology. By Liquid Capital Express offering easy-to-obtain working capital solutions, allows Michael to help companies afford opportunities domestically and internationally, with the ultimate goal of becoming more bankable. Using his vast experience and expertise, he

provides a consultative, customer oriented approach to understand the client’s business and finances, working together to come up with the most viable financing solution that leads to their success.Prior to managing Liquid Capital Express, Banasiak founded PredictiveMetrics, Inc., a predictive scoring and decision analytics company that he profitably sold to SunGard, a $5 billion software company. Banasiak seamlessly integrated PredictiveMetrics’ scoring technology into SunGard’s accounts receivable and credit management system growing revenue and EBITA two consecutive years after the acquisition of PredictiveMetrics. Banasiak is the forefather of commercial credit scoring; while working at Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) he successfully built their first commercial credit scoring and financial stress models currently used by over 10,000 companies.

Eileen Banasiak

Vice President Marketing

Eileen has spent more than 20 years in the field of marketing with a proven track record for executing and managing all aspects of marketing departments. She handles all the marketing and helps with business development as well as creating strategic partnerships for Liquid Capital Express. Currently she serves on the International Factoring Association Northeast board as VP of Communications

and is on the board as Secretary for the Monmouth Ocean Development Council. Prior to Liquid Capital Express, Eileen successfully rebranded EMCVenues, which helped establish the company as a leading strategic management company. She also implemented marketing strategies and campaigns, with a limited budget, that incorporated several different media channels to launch and establish PredictiveMetrics, Inc., as a leading provider of predictive scoring and analytics, which led to continuous self-funding, substantial growth and ultimately the profitable sale of the company. She has authored and co-authored articles for leading trade publications.