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More Borrowing Power At Lower Rates

Leveraging the Assets in Your Business Increases Cash Flow

Asset-Based Lending

Liquid Capital Express's Asset-Based Lending (ABL) program meets businesses growing needs to have more financing options. And helps provide real opportunity for growth.


The ABL facility provides business funding secured by several different business asset classes. The line of credit can be used to finance short-term assets (such as accounts receivable and inventory) and long-term assets (machinery, equipment and real estate).  For many companies, ABL substantially expands their potential borrowing base and is designed for companies requiring credit lines of $1 million and greater.

Asset-Based Lending Brochure


Customer Benefits

  • Improved liquidity and financial stability

  • Easy, cost-effective financing alternative

  • ​Flexible, option-rich financing with lower rates

  • Don't need to turn away business

  • Customized to each client's working capital needs

  • Immediate cash flow improvement

  • Credit history is not a concern



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“Liquid Capital pulled all the stops to fund our last minute request. They truly understand our business needs and their approach is class act.”

Keith Smith, President

Allstar Energy Inc.