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High Commission Rates. Profit Sharing. Many Solutions.


Commercial finance brokers, BDOs, intermediaries, consultants, turn arounds, accountants, factors, import/export financers, corporate growth professionals, layers and all others, you’ve likely seen first hand the cash flow challenges faced by the people you are tasked with helping.

You’ve built your brand on always finding a way to help your clients get the capital they need. Maybe they have a challenge they need to overcome, or a growth opportunity. Sometimes, businesses may not qualify for traditional bank loans. 


By becoming a Liquid Capital Loan Broker Referral Partner, you will be able to offer the right kind of working capital help, the right way, at the right time to your clients. 


We work closely with you and your clients to understand what their working capital needs are and set up a lending plan that is in sync with their goals and leads to success.

Commercial Financing Solutions
International and Domestic
Factoring Icon.png
Invoice Factoring
Buy invoices advancing 80%-90% providing immediate cash flow
PO Financing Icon.png
Purchase Order Financing
Fund 100% of sales order of manufacturing of pre-sold goods
ABL Icon.png
Asset Based Lending
Fund short and long-term assets expanding borrowing base
Purchase Finance Icon.png
Purchase Finance Program
Fund the purchase of goods for resale, inventory or consumption; Bank friendly
Working Capital Advance Now.png
Working Capital Advance
Financing based on future sales up to 125% of average monthly sales in one lump sum, no restrictions on money use


And you can be confident partnering with Liquid Capital Express your clients will receive the highest quality of professionalism, responsiveness and customer service

  • Earn commission once financing begins and the life of the relationship

  • Work directly with the owners, Mike and Eileen - the decision makers

  • Now have lending capabilities to offer facilities between $50K and $20MM

  • Have access to an array of funding options helping clients improve cash flow

  • Can provide flexible, robust funding solutions to your clients

  • Gain another team of experts

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