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Whether you need to hire a new employee, pay an overdue tax bill or maintain aging equipment - Liquid Capital Express’s working capital advance could be for you.

Available to companies that have been in existence for at least six months with predictable minimum gross sales of $10,000 per month. The working capital advance is a financing option based on future sales—offering up to 125% of your average monthly sales volumes in one lump sum, with no restrictions on how the money is used.

Unlike with traditional financial institutions, business fundamentals matter more to us than your credit score or industry. If you have a proven track record of business success and have never filed for bankruptcy along with an average of at least $10,000 a month in gross sales, you can qualify for 80%-125% of your average historical monthly revenue, depending on where you stand on the credit spectrum.

Qualification is relatively simple and is open to all industries including transportation, construction and insurance. Once approved, the advance will be deposited into your bank account quickly—typically within a few hours. Repayments are made in daily or weekly fixed increments, usually within 12 months, with early repayment discounts available.  

If conventional bank credit is not available to you, a working capital advance could potentially provide you with up to 125% of your average monthly sales, regardless of your industry or credit score. 

Customer Benefits

  • Faster business growth with recurring revenue stream

  • Quick approvals and capital within hours

  • Less restrictive underwriting process

  • No collateral required—we simply need four months of bank statements to verify your revenue.

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees and terms

  • Flexible repayment options

If the Growth of Your Company Depends on Fast Access To Working Capital

Liquid Capital Express Offers Short-Term Flexible Financing

Working Capital Advance

"I would recommend Liquid Capital in a heartbeat, to take the pressure off one’s cash flow and allow you to focus on sales and building the business."

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A. Urquhart
Managing Director, Finro Illuminations