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Reduce Risk Of Compromising Cash Flow

Extremely Cost-Effective Insurance and No Minimum Volume, Penalties, Deductibles or Deposits

Credit Insurance

Small-to-medium business owners are often faced with issues of risk and protection when it comes to obtaining financing. Business owners are asked to sign a personal guarantee as part of the overall security given. When accounts receivable aren't paid, it exposes the business and its owners to financial loss.


This is where Protection Plus shines. Liquid Capital Express's Protection Plus Program offers businesses the option to have their collateral receivables insured against late payment and non-payment related to customer insolvency. Protection Plus reduces the risk of compromising business cash flow or guarantees, helping you do what you do best - growing your business!


Liquid Capital Express is able to offer an extremely cost-effective and incredibly simple credit insurance solution due to its high volume and buying power. Best of all, clients of Protection Plus are not locked into guaranteed minimum volume, penalties, deductibles or even deposits as they would be with their own policy!


Client Benefits

  • Reduces risk to business and guarantors

  • Write more business within controlled risk parameters

  • Manage recourse risk to Client and Guarantors

  • Very cost-effective insurance for clients

  • Direct from Insurer cost to Client for a competitive insurance product that can be cost prohibitive (there are economies of scale of insuring through financer)

  • Usually a client does not have to pay minimum premiums or deposits when using a financer

  • Feels good not having to worry about delinquency and credit losses

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